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GAP Is In Europe

to Answer Your Questions

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GAP Is In Europe to Answer Your Questions

  1. Countries/Regions to target
  2. Which business model for Globalization
  3. What infrastructure is required
  4. Direct or Indirect channels
  5. Which Partners are suited (Indirect / Support)
  6. Best Business Structure (Location / Tax issues)
  7. Hiring (Labor market / Social aspects)

GAP – What We Can Offer You (1)

  • Education on Europe
  • Site Selection to Start
  • Market Analysis
  • Concept „go to market“
  • Introduction Plan
  • Maintenance / Support
  • Price Comparison
  • Competition Analysis
  • Requirements per Country

GAP – What We Can Offer You (2)

  • Legal Restrictions
  • Contacts to local Media
  • Labor Market
  • GAP Business Network
  • Languages
  • Set up of Administration
  • Contracts
  • Set up of Infrastructure
  • All other requirements

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Range of Services

GAP – A Modular Approach

GAP Services

Summary of services provided by GAP: How to come to Europe and build a business
Basically GAP will help in three different ways, providing, with all of them, a large portfolio of tailored and modular deliverables:

• You build your company with your name and your funds, we provide consulting

• We build your company with your name and your funds, we build it up for you and run it for you until your own local team can take over (we hire and train them and assure the knowledge transfer)

• We build your company with your name and our funds, we build it up for you and run it at our risk, until your own local team can take over and/or you buy it back from us Which ever way you prefer we provide you, based on a tailored program with the modules you need and require, for the period you do need and require them, always with the ultimate goal, to have your local operation in every country self sufficient and run by your own (locally hired) people.


We create trust and we add value for your business.

Helping multinational companies and start-up businesses in the SME segment of the market and also business people from all over the world to get closer to Europe (culture and business ethics and conduct) is our vision.

Our clients trust in us and thus we are one of the leading companies in Switzerland and in Europe to offer such services. Major corporations as well as SME benefit from our local knowledge and network.

We deliver globally high standards and consistently outstanding service and we believe in customizing our services in a modular way to fit our customers needs. It is our familiarization with the peculiarities of markets and industries for which we are active, that create value to our customers.

We are a global network of professional services, offered in a modular form to all customers calling on us for support of their market entry into specific countries or into all of Europe.


A modular approach offers tight cost control:

Module 1 get to know each other:
agree on market, market intelligence, business plan, marketing

Module 2 qualify and generate first prospects:
indetify and acquire first prospects, close initial deals, build increased pipeline

Module 3 establish first customer reference:
build channels according to strategy (direct, indirect)

Module 4 decide on location for own local operation:
identify, select, hire, train staff and transfer our knowledge

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