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Info Database

We believe in sharing all available information known to us with all parties interested but at the same time want to stress that we are far from having all the information that can be found in the internet.

Thus under “LINKS” you can find what we work with and what we have analyzed and found helpful for the purpose of our clients and our business.

If you come across additional helpful links, do let us know, so we can include them here to the benefit of all visitors and users of our network

For our clients we have further checklists and documents available, providing a base for initial decisions or help in the various steps, when reaching a decision to make global moves.

As All these papers are tuned, customized and tailor made to specific client situations we ask for your understanding that they are in the Intranet only to protect our clients privacy and confidentiality.

Signed up clients can find their documents and proprietary papers in the GAP intranet.




Links to Websites we analysed and found helpful and interesting for our clients

Swiss Business Network supporting SME, supported by the Swiss Federal Government

Homepage maintained by the Swiss State Secretary of Economic Affairs, reporting on Foreign Affairs, local development in the economy

Reporting on Swiss activities in various countries and support provided in such locations

Business  Development Platform to collect most information required when moving to Switzerland. A non profit organization, providing answers to most questions in form of consulting. They will also refer to companies executing the work to be done, beyond their consulting (eg GAP)

Overview of the most important political issues from the perspective of the Federation of Swiss Entreprises. (German and French only.)

Swiss Department of Home Affairs
Press releases from federal offices within the Federal Department of Home Affairs.

Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture
Overview of Switzerland’s agricultural policy and the development of rural areas.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung – NZZ
Selected news and issues from Switzerland, covering politics, economy and society.

Federal Assembly
Overview of upcoming and past federal plebiscites. (German and French only.)

Federal Customs Administration
Latest news concerning issues of tarifs, agreements, trade and taxes. (German and French only)

Swiss Bankers Association
Guidelines, draft legislation, news about the Swiss banking community.