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Seldom, one single cooperation partner can handle all aspects of successful business growth


Thus GAP has built a network of companies, all active in the market with the same vision:

Supporting new entrants into the European markets with local knowledge and expertise, providing specialiesed services to fit the customers needs

Partners cover all activities from legal support, to set up an operation, to banking connections for relevant support in financial topics, to translation of brochures and text or adapting websites to local requirements (culture / language)


GAP is an investor into Innofokus and also provides management
and administrativ supportarket.


GAP is part of the management of Polybius and supporting Polybius
to become one of the top recognized mail encryption players in the market.


Your swiss partner for people search and recruitment. Working at the management level, they establish client relationships, carefully studying clients corporate culture and analyzing candidates rigorously to ensure cultural compatibility and a successful match.


A partner and customer of GAP. Telephoenix is providing web access (dial-in, with firewall security) and anti virus solutions to the European market with a focus on Switzerland.

RRB System Solutions

A professional partner in salesforce and consulting issues, selling many of the GAP customers products into the European market.

Steinbeis Institute

Steinbeis is successfully operating in the fields of technology- and knowledge transfer for more than 30 years, worldwide.