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We bridge the gap between our clients and their markets...

... by offering clients the fastest and most effective way to increasing sales, with proven results. GAP is an international representative and distribution firm offering a variety of services for businesses to grow their international markets. GAP's clients are companies looking for a proven, low-risk method to expand global sales. GAP Interface Systems will provide you with what ever you need to enter a new market and getting a succesfull performance. We bridge the gap between you and your market. GAP is the chance for your company to follow up the strategies of expansion in other economies. Some of the considerable advantages of GAP:

About Us


GAP Interface Systems was founded in 1983 as a hardware and software development and distribution company, specializing in bringing new products to market. The initial focus of developing own products was expanded to other suppliers, where a select set of solutions mainly based in the US was given priority. The first target market, Switzerland, grew into marketing efforts spanning all of Europe. After ten years of operation, the market expansion into Eastern Europe has been a natural tendency. In addition, GAP today has operations in all major countries in Europe and in North America. GAP’s policy is to carefully select products in accordance with its high standards of ethics and quality, and the drive to provide services second to none.

Relationship with clients

GAP Interface Systems is a privately-held corporation, totally owned by senior management and key personnel. GAP’s primary service is the representation of clients by selling clients products to organisations and/or distributors and/or OEM’s world wide.

• We know Europe
• We know the market
• We know the culture
• We know the business ethics and behaviour
• We speak the languages
• We know the differences in local requirements

Management Profiles

Peter E. von Gunten, Founder and Senior Partner

Peter von Gunten has over 30 years experience in senior engineering and marketing positions in major corporations, including IBM, Burroughs, Nixdorf, Hewlett-Packard and Digital Equipment. He spent the first six years of his career at IBM in South Africa and the U.S. In addition to his native German and French, he speaks English, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. He acted as Country Manager for PeopleSoft in Switzerland and before that he built up the local J.D.Edwards operation, again as Country Manager. In the Telco industry he actively turned around the Swiss operation from Cable & Wireless and instrumented the sale of all assets to local providers. Most recently he founded and started a software development company building encryption solutions for the IT industry.

Uli Lindner, VP Business Development and Partner

Since 2000 Uli Lindner supported among others Clarity AG, CCP, Front2Back AG, Lozetex and Portolan with Know-how and Investments. Till 1999 he was Managing Director of PeopleSoft Germany with P&L responsibility for the Region Central Europe. Prior to this, until october 1997, Uli Lindner was Managing Director for the Region Central Europe and with the competitor J.D. Edwards, where he initiated the German subsidiary in 1991. Befor J.D. Edwards, Lindner was Founder and Managing Partner at CAS GmbH where he was from 1984 to 1990. After his degree in Computer Sciences (1980) he was in IBM software development centers. Lindner is fluent in German and English and a very active sportsman in disciplines like parachuting and deep sea diving.

Dieter Hensler, Senior Partner

Dieter joined GAP-IS in 2005. Previously, Mr. Hensler was President & CEO of Handshake VR Inc., a leading producer of Haptic technologies. During his career in the high-tech industry, Dieter has also excelled as President & CEO of Waterloo Maple Inc., Managing Director of Spatial Technology; Managing Director of Convergent Technologies GmbH; and General Manager Channels for Unisys Germany. Dieter holds degrees in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science from the Engineering College of Konstanz, Germany. He is also co-founder of Communitech – a Waterloo based technology association and founding executive director of CTT, Canada’s Technology Triangle – Economic Development Corporation. Dieter brings over 25 years of international business development experience to GAP-IS.

Andreas Völsch, Director Technologies

Since 1999 Andreas Völsch signed responsible as project manager and consultant for various large and very large corporation in the area of system development and security (data, processes, protection). He built IT analysis systems and designed processes as well concepts and specifications for new systems and solutions. Following his studies he developed client-server applications based on large data bases working for a software company with focus on the shipping industry. His activities lead him from Germany into Asia-Pacific. Andreas Völsch has a diploma in computer sciences from Fachhochschule Wedel bei Hamburg and holds an MSc from Buckingham University, England. Völsch is fluent in German and English.

Uwe Vonnahme, Director Marketing and Communication

Since 2000 Uwe Vonnahme designed many websites and internet presence for corporations accross Europe. His specialities are Flashanimationen a feeling for what the customers really want.
After his studies in economics and gastronomy he held many international position in the restauration and hotel industry with a focus on the catering activities in this industry. Uwe speaks German, English and Spanish.

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